Dental Implants

The dental implant is an artificial root in the form of titanium screws. It is inserted into the jawbone and is intended to create a strong and durable anchorage on which the dental surgeon fits, 2 to 4 months later, the definitive dental prosthesis.

The dental implants used must be of quality to obtain a perfect result. In fact, inexpensive and inferior implants can present a danger with serious consequences.

The implants we use are imported from France and Germany and comply with European standards and NF ISO 5832-2, 5832-3, such as:

– The DRIVE mark (CE 1014)

– The TEKKA mark (CE 0499)

For the sake of transparency, the implant is removed from its triple packaging in the presence of patients and the lot number of the implants is given to them for the traceability of the product.

The advantage of dental implants is to put in place a fixed prosthesis, without touching the natural teeth. This prosthesis gives the patient a better comfort, a better masticatory efficiency, often a better speech and a better image of himself.

The failure rate of dental implantology is low: 1% to 2%. Smoking multiplies this risk by two. If, during the period of osseointegration in which the patient is subjected to good oral hygiene, a rejection of the implant is observed, an alternative solution will be found in order to obtain the expected final result.

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